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ciarafans's Journal

+*+*Ciara Fans*+*+
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Welcome to ciarafans ! I created this community for fans of our lovely Queen of Crunk 'Ciara'. ciarafans is a place where you can put as many pictures,colorbars,icons,news,lyrics,etc. of Ciara.You are welcome to visit anytime.Please join. 


For those of you using icons,colorbars,and more ...

1. Join the community before you get any colorbars,icons,etc.

2.Make all entries FRIENDS ONLY!You will get a warning if you don't.

3.If the maker requests credits, then please credit them.

4. NO REQUESTING!Please do not request a colorbar,icon,etc. here, unless the maker says that he/she will take request or suggestions.

5. NO HOTLINKING! Upload the images to your own image host!

6. Please promote us!

For those of you making icons,colorbars,and more ...

1. Please lj-cut any images,colorbars,lyrics,etc.

2. If you want to take any request please do so at your journal.

3. If you please to make any banners or promotions we would appreciate it.

This is a moderated community. All posts are put into moderation queue and must be approved by the moderator which is me.

Join,Have fun,Enjoy!